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Money for Christmas?

Most of us begin to think about it when the season is approaching and we want to get more out of our monthly expenses than it can give.

We are all concerned month by month to cover our needs, pay off our debts, save money and in these times we must add Christmas expenses.

Few people really contemplate Christmas in their annual spending.

Most of us begin to think about it when the season is approaching and we want to get more out of our monthly expenses than it can give, that’s why many people get into debt with their cards or credits to combat that lack of money, accepting disproportionate interests, but in the end the debts are dragged throughout the year until they become impossible to pay and how they cannot be paid they become even more complicated.

That is why in this blog we bring some alternatives to avoid this serious financial problem.

First of all, do not get into debt for the excitement of the season, since this expense will not have a return and even when the gifts are given selflessly, you must put on a balance what you can and cannot pay against what you really need.

Our suggestion is to find more creative ways to get money easily, without paying large bank interest or creating a hole in your wallet. Here are some of our proposals.

1. Make a garage sale.

Sell the things that you no longer really need, such as clothes that you no longer have left or that you no longer like, furniture or tools that someone else could use better.

2. Get your best cooking récipes.

Many people organize big parties but do not have time to prepare snacks and drinks themselves. You can offer them those services, either as merely preparing the food or also offering the full service of cooking and serving. You can even assemble packages for a certain number of people that include full dinner, drinks and dessert.

3. Sell your art / your crafts.

If you are good with crafts or with art you can develop a quality product that is consistent with the season and that of course does not consume much of your time and does not require a large investment. You can start selling it with your friends or family, everyone is looking for something nice to give that allows them to show their appreciation for other people.

4. Sell new or used things.

Look for wholesale sellers who can provide you with a great price product that leaves you a significant profit margin that allows you to save a little. For example, clothes, shoes, books, makeup, etc.

5. Look for a second job or trade.

Many companies, such as transport companies, have a large workload this season and are looking for staff to carry out their work. The advantage of this type of work is that most are part-time, and are for a specific season, which gives you some freedom.

Do you have any other tip to share with us? Comment below.

4 comments on “Money for Christmas?

  1. Great ideas! There are so many opportunities to generate extra income throughout the year.

  2. goatdogsimple

    It’s so important to avoid getting into debt. You offer some great options to make some extra money. The holidays shouldn’t drive us to regret spending on the people we care about and they don’t want that for us either. Thank you for sharing.

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