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The Great Red Dragon hides his playing cards, part 1.

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*This post is not intended to spread fear, just try to objectively show the information that exists on social networks that is presumed to be true.*

First of all, a little context.
When we talk about the Great Red Dragon we talk about the Asian country that in recent years has surpassed the United States as a world potential, because it is currently bigger in financial and population form.

The truth is that we will avoid mentioning it literally because it is known to block in one way or another all the information that does not suit him.
The dragon has strict control over all the information that enters and leaves its jurisdiction, limiting many of the social networks that do operate in the rest of the world and create their own versions of these, which allows you to develop and perfect software that study him population every day, both psychologically and physically.

It is known in the rest of the world that the facial recognition information is collected, the way of walking of each person and above all there are very specific filters to stop information.

we have in summary a great world power that cannot communicate truthfully with freedom with itself and with the international community

All this misinformation meant that one of the strongest epidemiological outbreaks that humanity has probably faced has not been stopped in time.

In the beginning, a doctor, with recognition in his country of origin achievement, identify a symptomatology of whose virus had already been discovered previously but with several mutations making it stronger and more acute than the rest of his “family”, all this was told in a video spread on the social networks of the country and then to the rest of the world. But after passing the government filter this doctor, along with other people, was accused and arrested for spreading fake news, all this at the beginning of 2020.

This giant wanted to control and deny the seriousness of the matter by different media, even banning accounts in social networks that belonged to people who talked about the subject. But people found a way to filter information to the rest of the world.

Attempts were made to deny the truth several times, but with the disease it has progressed in a very aggressive way, so the information has been leaking very slowly and meticulously.

Most of the information is first treated as rumor or speculation until it is officially confirmed.

The leaks arrive through different social networks, in the form of photos, videos, screenshots and others.

What is reflected today in these leaks is that the outbreak has been escalating in the number of infected people and fatalities, even isolating a complete city from the rest of the country, permanently closing the main roads.

In multiple videos it is documented how extreme measures have been reached to contain the outbreak.
Many of them are shocking, but perhaps the one that most reflects reality is one where large numbers of doctors are seen arriving apart from ambulances, it is speculated that there may be more than 150,000 people.

After yesterday it is difficult to hide the situation in this country, because two shocking news leaked.

The first is that the death of the aforementioned doctor was announced, officially because of the spread of this same disease.

The second is that an Internet portal has published “accidentally” those that are presumed as real figures of the disease, in which the number of infected would be 154,023 people, and 24,589 dead.
time after this data was changed and it was said that the previous ones were wrong

This made authorities in other countries suspect that the official numbers are changed.

This is the first part of this informative summary, because minute by minute the information changes.

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