Healthy Finances

Healthy Finances

There are many sites on the internet and articles on how to take care of your finances, how to avoid falling into too large debts, avoid paying so many interests to banks or debtors, but the truth is that all these tips are just the top of the Iceberg.

In this site we will seek to go a little deeper to achieve a radical change in the way you spend, save and invest money.

We have studied various “miracle methods” to become a millionaire overnight, but it happens that A) are false (you try to sell a subscription) or B) in case they work they do not serve to keep you in the long term.

Those who say that financial education should be part of basic education are right, but it is part of a whole.

Your quality of life (economically speaking) depends more on how to spend than how much you earn.

Most people think that achieving financial stability is somewhat distant, but it can be achieved based on discipline.

In this blog we want to take finances, your finances, in a serious way, that’s why we will start a series of post so that you can reflect on what changes you can make in your life.

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