5 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know And They Don’t Teach You At School.

School is definitely a place where we acquire great knowledge and we are forming our own personality. But on rare occasions the system prepares us to be entrepreneurs, so we must learn to develop skills and acquire knowledge that we did not have before, and many times we do not know until we are involved in adverse situations. Some of them are:

Personnel management. Working with other people involves working with whole people with their own aspirations, fears, frustrations, needs and concerns, so it becomes difficult to work in the long run.

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The same happens with giving orders, you have to give the order in the correct way so that the message is understood correctly and carried out as necessary.

Work with difficult clients. It’s hard to intelligently deal with people your income depends on, but at the same time, you can’t sacrifice your business too much to please difficult customers. It’s a complicated balance between the two.

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Deal with government paperwork. The government will be part of the whole process of opening, operating, growing, employing, investing, etc., so you must get used to it and inform yourself about each procedure and even hire a lawyer, an accountant and an administrator.

Work with other brands / companies.

Your clients will not only be people, but also other companies or brands will require support or will need your support in some projects, so you must also offer them a competent offer and seek their preference.

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Marketing should be one of the main items of expenses in your company, because in this way you will make yourself known and you will attract new customers. Handling it is not an easy thing, as there are people who dedicate entire years of study and practice to it. That is why many times you must hire a third party to handle this issue. It won’t be cheap, but if you don’t you will waste your money with no results.

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