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What is money?

We use it every day, we exchange it for services in all stores, points of sale or businesses, we use it digitally and effectively, but, what is it?

According to Wikipedia, money is: “Any verifiable item or record that is generally accepted as payment for goods, services, and payment of debts.”

This description applies to the values printed on paper and virtually, that is, money that never passes through your hands, simply have an online record.

Money serves as a medium of exchange, that is, a person exchanges a product or service in exchange for money, in some way linking people with their needs or desires.

In a way it is the evolution of barter, but in a more practical and easy to manipulate.

Various cultures around the world already used some forms of “cash” in their commercial exchanges, for example, in various areas of Mesoamerica, cocoa beans were used.

What is known as the first currencies in the world have their origin in Lydia, today Turkey. They were made of an alloy of gold and silver, weighing 4.75 grams. At the time it was worth a third of a stater, a Greek measure, in this way it became a means of economic transaction, a symbol of greed and wealth.

It is important to mention that the money itself that we have in our wallets is not worth the price of its materials or its manufacture, it is worth the support of the country where it was printed. Countries can also get into debt or get rich, that is why the value of currencies go up and down every day.

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