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What does it mean to be a freelancer?

He is a professional who offers his services independently, by his own means, with a schedule and location that he himself determines according to his needs. It is a very attractive form of work for many people who want to plan their time and income on their own.

Advantages of being a Freelancer

The great advantage of working this way is being your own boss, working at your own pace, and directly managing your earnings.

You can (or rather, you must) work under pre-established contracts, where you describe your work, your scope and responsibilities, as well as those of who hires you, so that in this way you can ensure that you will be paid what is established. It also describes what would happen if either party did not comply.

Disadvantages of being a Freelancer

The downside of being a freelancer is having to work hard to gain the trust of potential clients and get them to invest their money in your knowledge.

On the other way, if you don’t have enough experience in managing your time and resources, it will be very difficult for you to be successful in this way of working. This knowledge is difficult to acquire and is not taught in any school and even if you were taught it, really taking the reins of your own organization is somewhat complicated.

You must bear in mind that your expenses are constant and your income will probably be variable the first months, so you must organize yourself very well so as not to get into debt.

Ideally, you should be investing in your business and personal brand as you start, do not anticipate situations. For example, if you are going to work on your own, the first month do not absurdly invest all your earnings in renting a large office with a view of the sea. Start with something basic.

It is definitely a difficult lifestyle and it is not for everyone, so analyze the situation, the pros and cons, and arm yourself with patience to follow this path to success.

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