Beware of Shitposting

When you start a blog you must be very careful with the type of content that you will upload, because from the first articles you will be defining the twist you want to give your site.

It is very important to take care of the content from the beginning, you should try to write quality articles so that people when they see your signature or that of your site know that it will be worth reading what you have written.

It’s hard work and it will take a bit more to position than if you just write sensational stuff, but it will be worth it. Think of it this way, writing shit leaves you with a reputation that many people wish they had avoided, as it is very difficult to detach from it.

How do I know if my content is shitposting or not?

The first filter is knowing how to mediate sensationalism and quality, to attract people with attractive headlines, but when they read the content they find that it was not a waste of time.

Over time you should develop the skill of objective self-criticism, and this will allow you to realistically see if your content has three characteristics: Be useful, interesting and of quality.

The more you produce good content, people will draw on you and you will learn to write more fluently when it comes to expressing yourself.

You must explore a large number of topics to find out what your strengths are and which ones you should work on more.

We can compare it to the big YouTube channels, which started from scratch, even imitating the style of other channels, until they found their own.

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