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Mistakes in Affiliate Marketing.

We are always looking for a way to monetize our blog in the best possible way and Affiliate Marketing gives us a good opportunity to do so.

The problem is that from zero to converting this form of income into something profitable, we make many mistakes, some of them I made and I hope this article helps you not to repeat them.

  1. Enroll in all the Affiliate programs that we can.

My first mistake was sending an e-mail to all the sites that gave me the opportunity to sign up for their affiliate marketing program.

The first problem with this is that many of these sites do not offer products or services that interest our audience and as a result, they do not mean any real profit. Remember that in most sites you must accumulate a certain amount of money to collect.

The second problem is that if you do not achieve a certain amount of clicks or visits, the sites will unsubscribe you from their programs and although you can reapply to reactivate your account, you already have a negative history.

2. Not reading thoroughly the contracts you accept.

There are truly few people who read an online contract in depth, but this document describes the ways of operating, charging, the minimum number of visits, how possible problems will be solved, among many other important points that will come out with the progress and that it will be very difficult to claim once an initial contract has been signed.

3. Enroll in programs in other countries / languages.

Hand in hand with the previous point, signing up for affiliate programs from other countries or that operate in languages ​​other than those of our audience is that they have specific clauses that could cause us problems. For example, Target tells you that all articles and sites where promotions must be written in English. On the other hand, there are sites that say that their advertising cannot be accompanied by controversial, violent, religious or political content.

4. Not all sites serve all countries or areas.

You must pay special attention to whether your advertisers can provide a product or service to the area where your audience is located and the payment method is accessible to most people. This is decisive, as it is not worth spamming your content if the product you promote is not useful or accessible to your followers.

5. Beware of becoming spam.

People nowadays have become adept at running away from advertising they don’t want to see, so if your content stops being interesting and turns into just advertising, people will stop following you and avoid you at all costs.

6. Check the links.

It is very important that you learn how to use the links, codes and other advertising on your blog. If not, when people enter your links they will not see anything and they will think that all the links on your blog are false or malicious, so pay close attention.

7. Payment methods.

The most important thing is that you can have your money quickly and directly, avoiding moving your money through different places or companies, you should even know if you should open another type of virtual wallet and if you have a way to deposit the money to your accounts. For example, some sites actually pay you with e-wallets or gift cards.

Find out so that you work smart and can enjoy your money.

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