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Apps to invest from home, what you should know

In these times of economic and health crisis, it is certain that you will look for other ways to get money from home. Many of these options that you will apparently find on the internet are false or fraudulent. Here we list some things you should do before starting.

1. All forms of investment need prior study … And apps will not train you.

Most apps and investment companies will tell you that it is to use, understand and earn money, but it is not entirely true. Many of them require you to take courses or have prior investment knowledge, since you will be the one who handles the money, the apps will not be responsible for what you lose by investing badly.

2. They all require investment, no one will give you money.

None of them are free, you will need to use money from your own bag to get started.

3. Beware of so-called “bonuses”.

Most of them are advertised saying that they will give you a bonus for opening an account with them, but that means that to withdraw your money you must wait a certain time or a certain number of operations.

4. Most of them are actually pyramids.

In order for you to earn money they will ask you to register more people and they will have to register more people.

5. In order for you to work with them, the app developers must be in good standing with the state.

This means that the government must be able to protect you, so they must be duly registered with the government of your country.

6. They all charge you commissions for every transaction you make with your money.

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