In view of everyone, this man acts like someone irrational and it seems that what he does and says every day does not have much logic, but the truth is that when he opens his mouth it is because he has already calculated the reactions that he will produce in others people. He lives off the controversy, that has given him and will feed him when he leaves the White House, because we can bet that this subject will take out books about his memories in his term, of course his children will also take advantage of this all their lives.

The man and his family know what to do and how to behave in front of a camera so that they talk about them constantly, just like the Kardashians, they know how to be the main subject of the media.

Of all the really sincere things that Donald has said we can learn some things for our daily lives, the most important is that he assures that the middle class is going to disappear.

Some years ago Robert Kiyosaki wrote a book together that addressed this topic, among many others, from a realistic perspective.

If we are objective, we will realize that this social stratum is relatively new, because until a few centuries ago there was an abysmal difference between “commoners and peasants” and “royalty.” This was the system that prevailed for millennia and until recently changed to make way for the middle stratum.

Now we are in a very complicated stage at a global level in which people have two options:

Let the system push them into poverty or fight their way up to the upper class.

There are no more options, the current capitalism-socialism system in which the world is balanced has only two directions.

On the one hand, the poor get poorer, suffering the ravages of bad governments, high interest rates, paying the tariffs of the products they buy daily to eat and survive, feeding on all the advertising they sell on social networks and the media.

On the other hand we have the people who have known (consciously or unconsciously) to benefit from all the previous scenario.

For example, those who for some reason inherited land from their families, without lifting a finger have seen how inflation has made the price of their real estate grow stratospheric.

Another example would be those who know how to take advantage of the needs of people, how is the care of other people. You can see how the creator of Facebook becomes a millionaire every day with apps that falsely reinforce the self-esteem of people with Likes.

This book by Trump and Kiyosaki is called “We want you to be rich” and more than a self-help book, it is an open conversation about their perspectives on wealth and poverty in every way, it is worth reading.

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