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To have more followers on instagram.

Instagram is one of the most important social networks of the moment and can be a great springboard to promote your product or service.

Follow this 30-day challenge so that people start noticing your online presence, without paying for advertising!

  1. Open a business account. Unlike normal accounts, business accounts allow you to see and measure how much reach your publication has on the site.

2. Enter your contact information and all the services you offer. Always keep this information updated.

3. Post 3 times a day and use # to reach out to other posts and accounts. Remember to publish quality content that contributes to your new audience.

4.Interact with other accounts related to your sector or the public that you want to attract to your business. This will position you in the algorithm of the network.

5. Sell ​​a good product or service. The most important point, will make people return to your business for quality.

6. Study what attracts people to your posts and replicate it again in subsequent posts.


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