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Online business with Low cost

Given the current situation, we must rely on technology to get ahead in every way. Today we have the advantage that we can start online businesses that work for many people, especially in this season of large financial movements. Here are some options:

– Create a website and / or blog where you promote your knowledge or professional services online. Find a way to create a way to get closer to your potential customers through the internet. For example, there are many people at the moment who must be looking for how to take care of their health and exercise from home, but maybe they do not know how, look for the websites, pages and Facebook and Instagram accounts that they would follow and connect with them with content and quality services so that they recommend you to other people.

– Online store: Although this season it will not be highly recommended to send physical products, you can sell your knowledge, services and products, such as WallPapers, virtual books, children’s stories, audio books, among many others. Take advantage of the fact that today people have the opportunity to be reunited with their families and look for activities to do together.

– Affiliate Marketing: If you don’t have your own product or business, you can sell someone else’s. You can sell whatever you want, from clothing and accessories, applications, among many others.

Commissions vary by company and the number of products you sell. You can even use your social networks to sell.

– Create content on YouTube, Twitch or any other entertainment platform. This is the time to bring out your talent, do you like to sing, are you good with an instrument, or are you funny? If you are authentic and talented you can monetize your skills.

– Sell ​​courses. Sell ​​courses of any special skills or knowledge you have, such as math, cooking, administration, etc.

– Trading: It is not a business for everyone, but you can earn very well without leaving your home. There are many options for currencies, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and more that you can make money with.

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