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How to choose a degree? The jobs of the future.

Choosing a career is a fundamental issue for our development and it is not an easy task.

The world is changing, it is obvious, especially now in this pandemic. All the current restrictions have shaped our way of relating to people and money.

But long before all this transformation, the job market was already different. There is much research on how we have evolved as a civilization by leaps and bounds, especially in the last century, where our technological advances have been radical.

This has had a positive and negative impact on our society, for example, as new jobs have emerged, others have also disappeared.

This means that jobs and college careers have been updated to be competitive and aim for good salaries.

Having studied the past 300 years and projecting into the next 50, experts project the following that will apply to most of us:

  • It will be very important to master a second and third language in order to be competitive,
    Reduced working hours in hours and days of the week, but with the same salary,
  • It will be necessary to have more than two professions or trades, since we will have more time, we will have the option of having more things to occupy ourselves or develop our talents.
  • Technology will also play a fundamental role, so it will be necessary for us to have knowledge of programming, computing and other tools to make our lives easier.
  • School will no longer be based on our knowledge, since the internet knows everything, education will be based on how we use that knowledge in our daily lives and our problem solving,
  • We will need to be in constant training and innovation so as not to become obsolete against the other professionals in our field,
  • For everything to work properly, social responsibility will be essential, companies and professionals of all sizes must follow strict environmental and social regulations, to ensure that future generations have a good quality of life.

Globalization and the new economic treaties also play a major role in our development as a society, from the outset they drive us to master new languages and learn about customs that are foreign to ours, it is estimated that in the future we will all be bilingual.

And on the other hand, we will not only compete with professionals and businesses in our area, but companies from all over the world will also compete, because thanks to communication and the internet it will be possible to do business with people anywhere, which will keep us constantly alert to be competitive.

The dregree that are estimated to be most in demand in the future are:

  • All those referring to the health area, in specialized sectors,
  • All references to communication,
  • All those relating to technologies,
  • those referring to innovation and creativity.

And that we have not yet entered the subject of digital entrepreneurship, we will leave it for a second part.

I hope and this article serves as a reference for you to make a decision about what to do in the future.

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