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Artificial intelligence

high angle photo of robot
high angle photo of robot
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It seems that artificial intelligence belongs to the future or science fiction, but not. Every day we use them for our activities without realizing it

At the same time they keep information about us, our tastes, preferences, but above all about what we dislike. And that is use used in favor and find our.

For example, many of the major brands’ ways of contacting the customer are through artificial intelligence, in this way they can serve more people and filter out the doubts or complaints that require specialized attention from those that do not.

Some technology and communications companies use a chatbot as the first means of contact that channels you to the area of ​​the company you should refer to.

This bot has the most common doubts preloaded with the common or simple answers that usually solve most of the problems.

Another type of bots that you live with every day without realizing it are the bots of social networks, which are configured to interact with real people about the trends of the day, they have thousands of hundreds of preloaded responses and know how to debate “rational” way without you realizing that you are even doing it, all this in order to change or support the sense of public opinion in general.

Most of these accounts are controlled by bot farms that are controlled by a single person, often outside the country where the trend arises. Example, many of the protrump bot farms are in Russia. In fact, this is how he is thought to manipulate the general opinion that people had of him.

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Social networks are the ones that use artificial intelligence the most to monitor their large number of users every day. Facebbok has been one of the most controversial about it.

For example, when we upload a photo, artificial intelligence knows what an image contains, where it was uploaded, identifies the faces in the photos and suggests tagging the people in it.

The facial identity in social networks is a topic to be developed and yes, we should be very concerned.

woman holding card while operating silver laptop
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An artificial intelligence that works in our favor is the one used by banks and banking institutions to avoid fraud.

A specific case is the one used by credit and debit cards when learning about what we buy and consume regularly to detect when a criminal has cloned our card and has made purchases of things that we would never do.

All these artificial intelligence are already part of our daily life, without even noticing them.

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