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Why are mexican women so angry?

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On March 8, the women of Mexico participated in a march that was controversial to say the least.

There are many people who do not agree with the way in which feminists have shown their frustration, but, What has caused it to escalate to this level?

At the beginning, the day is used to march for women’s rights, for gender equality and all that that implies.

But in recent years the march has also been used to protest the growing number of femicides and mistreatment of women in the country and the fact that the Mexican authority is not interested in doing something about it, on the contrary, it has also taken away resources to the foundations and groups that are dedicated to supporting women in every way, disarming them to continue fighting.

In addition to all this, in recent days, the Mexican president has blatantly demonstrated that he is not interested in the subject at all, that he does not like to be robbed of focus.
What has taught even more discussions on social networks.

Sympathetic to the struggle or not, everyone with a little empathy understands the suffering of families and the despair at not being able to find even support or words of encouragement from their authorities.

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