A year into Pandemic Part 2, the loneliness.

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After the initial denial, that we really saw how serious the virus was and that the governments of the world decreed quarantine and began to prohibit mobility between countries and some states, we began to spend more time with ourselves and with those around us.

We really began to live with the way of life that we had chosen, some living alone, some living with their family, others thinking about how long ago they did not call their love ones and their friends.
We had several phases, first we were very afraid, afraid of going out, of dying, of losing someone we love.
We got (and probably still won’t go) the feeling that everything was coming to an end, a kind of apocalypse nostalgia that seemed so unreal to all of us, like out of a movie.

It is quite noticeable that each of us suffered from terrible insomnia, everyone’s schedules went crazy, there was no longer a specific time to sleep, eat, exercise, most of us surfed the internet until 2 in the morning.

It was a time of insecurity for everyone, including companies that did not know whether to continue with their employees and expenses, so they had to fire many of them.

This period lasted several months, but soon people were looking for new ways to continue working and communicating.
Which reactivated the economy in some way, starting slowly.

It was still uncertain, almost like a movie, but we adapted to an unusual situation, such as not being able to go out every day, not seeing our friends, not being able to go on vacation.

We really begin to see the true meaning of life and our relationships with other people, especially older people, like our parents, grandparents and uncles.

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