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The Wild world of Real Estate.

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A house is a great investment, in fact, it is the savings of a lifetime for most people, so I will give you some tips so that your money is worth every penny.

The first thing you should know is that there are many problems, corruption and deception in real estate, it is a market that is worth thousands of dollars around the world, because everyone is looking to get a piece of land.

One of the first tips is that you have a cold mind when choosing a house. Sellers and real estate developers are experts at persuading people, and part of that is the fact that they won’t talk to you about house or neighbor problems.

The biggest problems that property brings with it is the large number of fights and lawsuits in which they are involved, for example, in divorces and inheritances, which can take years to resolve.

That is why you should research the house or apartment that you want to buy. It has been a recurring theme that you pay the price of the property and a certain time a judge decides that the property really belongs to someone else. So that’s why you must collect all the information about the property you want to buy.

Another type of problematic judgment is when people invade houses that belong to someone else, because it is a big problem to get them off the property, since the law says that you cannot remove someone from a shelter, especially when they have lived for a long time in the house.

we must add the people who never get the Deeds of your property, in some places they are called title deeds, but they are the papers that officially accredit you as the owner before the authorities.

Many people skip or ignore this important step to defend themselves in the future, it is a foundation to give certainty to the owner of the property and who can buy it.
If the house you want to buy does not have a title deed in the name of the person who is selling it to you, it is likely that house has many problems.

Now, suppose that the house does not have these problems, now you must check that it does not have debts for services, such as water or electricity, since if not, it is you who should pay the debts, it can get you in many problems with the different supplier companies of services. You must ask the seller for the receipts up to date.

This includes debts with the municipality, local or federal government.

We have talked about debts and lawsuits, now we will talk about the problems of the house itself.

You must hire someone who knows construction to check two things, that the house is well built and that it works correctly.

In many cases the houses were not built with the appropriate techniques or materials and this can bring you problems in the future, especially if you live in an area with possible natural disasters such as earthquakes or hurricanes.

It happens that people hire people who do not know the proper way to do things and end up with a poorly made temporary solution.

The same happens with the plumbing with water or electricity, in a house, the facilities have normal wear and tear and may even have a little abuse, that is why you should consider a significant amount of money to repair this.

Also take into account the climate and the equipment of the house, if it must have air conditioning or if you must equip it for extreme cold with heating.

These are some of the things that contractors and vendors don’t tell you about.

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