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We have all thought about using digital tools to make money, and there are many options, but today I will talk about those that did not work for me so that you do not waste time and energy on them.

  1. Fill out surveys. Many companies that do market research offer money or products in exchange for you to fill out some surveys. But the harsh reality is that it is a low-paid, full-time “job”.

First of all, you must fit into the profiles they are looking for, such as age, gender, place of origin, among others.

Then you must spend 8 to 10 hours a day to fill out surveys that do not really pay more than fractions of a dollar for each one. At the end of the day you will be lucky if you win a full dollar.

Some of them even pay you with “points” but if you do the conversion to dollars it is really little and if you want to exchange your points for something you like you must accumulate too many.

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2. Platforms to watch videos / social networks that “pay” you.
Like the previous position, the money or points they give you is in small fractions of a dollar for full-time jobs, so this option is not profitable for you either.

3. Trading without experience.
We have all heard about trading, but the truth is that it is not for everyone. Obviously there must be someone who if it serves as a way of investment, I am not saying that it is a fraud, but speaking about me, a person without training in the subject or experience, it is complicated, especially when is about to stocks and companies . It’s a full-time job when you don’t know anything about it and you’ll most likely lose your money if you don’t know how to do it, it didn’t work for me.

4. Freelance work platforms.

The problem with freelance work on the internet is that the platforms are already very saturated and it is very difficult for you to position yourself in a visible way and earn real money.

Another problem is that many of them condition the number of potential clients you can contact for free, around 5 people per month. If you want to contact more people or improve your profile on the site, they charge you a membership that costs an average of 50 dollars a month, whether they hire you or not.

Another problem with this kind of site is that the price of the jobs is very low, as people in order to get the job lower the prices.

In my experience it is best to start your own website or use a social media profile, that will make people see you and hire your services.}

thoughtful black woman using smartphone and laptop
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5. Platforms for small jobs.

Very similar to the previous port, only they are simpler tasks, such as transcribing texts, conversations and etc. They are small tasks for which they pay you only a few pennies.

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