Vaccines are not enough

person holding laboratory flask

Throughout the past year we bet our hope that the big pharmacies will create a vaccine against COVID 19, but apparently it has not been enough either, as there is a growing danger that the next virus mutation will be resistant to existing vaccines.

In many countries there is an upturn in cases of the virus, even when vaccination campaigns have already made great progress.

For the German government there is great fear, because the advance of the vaccine is not working to reduce the number of patients and the saturation of hospitals.

In theory, new vaccines would be necessary and start vaccinating people who had already been vaccinated again.

If we add to this all the fakenews about the supposed immunity, that there are still many people who do not believe in the virus and people who even in the twenty-first century still oppose vaccines, everything has turned into chaos.

The temporary solution is still social distancing, even though we don’t like it very much, we must take care of ourselves, so as not to saturate our health system and monopolize medicines.

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