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Communication, the secret of a successful Home Office

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The pandemic is still here, it has not completely gone as some expected, even there is talk of a return to the strong restrictions, because apparently the virus has mutated enough to evade vaccines. This means that the home office is still necessary in many areas.

In this work scheme, the most essential thing is to have a communication as frank as possible, which does not give rise to second interpretations or misunderstandings, you must understand what other people in your organization or company are doing at the moment you are doing other things.

This type of communication needs more than zoom meetings and WhatsApp groups, this type of communication must take place 24/7, which means that it must be in real time.

There are many companies that have tried to solve creatively, but the most efficient is definitely monday.com, since it understands and adapts to each industry separately.

This makes it possible for the manager or anyone on the team to monitor what is being done at the moment, saving time in communications and zoom meetings that only take away valuable time in reporting something that is already known.

Project management use cases:

  1. The all-in-one platform that has helped over 100,000 businesses improve their ROI by up to 250%, monday.com is the project management software you need to try. Accelerate your path to visibility by transforming sloppy spreadsheets into crisp workflows you’ll love.
  2. Manage all your team’s work in one place with monday․com. No more endless email conversations or long meetings! With monday.com you can keep track of everything your team is working on, communicate in context, and get started in minutes with super easy setup!
  3. Get rid of homework spreadsheets once and for all. The secret to effortless collaboration is monday.com Work OS. With color-coded dashboards that you can customize for any team, this intuitive platform is your answer to effective processes you can be proud of. See why over 100,000 teams swear by it here.
  4. You never have too many spreadsheets to optimize your processes. See why monday.com is the only difference between seeing your managers drowned in formalities and congratulating your teams on easily hitting your profit margins quarter after quarter.

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