How to become a millionaire?

How to become a millionaire?

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We have all aspired at some time in our lives to become millionaires, we think that that way we will not have to worry about many of our current problems, such as paying the car, rent or credit cards.

Sure there are factors we can’t control, but we can learn some of the millionaire habits that we can adopt while working on our dreams.

  • Save on housing expenses. Most of your income goes to solving the problem of where you are going to have a safe roof and most people choose to rent in nice / expensive neighborhoods for multiple reasons, which is leaving a big hole in your portfolio that does not allows you to save. That is why to change this you must seriously consider two options: buy your own house or rent with more people. This will allow you to spend less money and save or invest for your goals.
  • Stop spending on meals away from home or ordering at home. Your second big expense is food, it is a basic need but you should try to reduce your spending when cooking at home. It’s a bit tedious, but if you think about it, the food you buy on the street is 200% inflated in value.
  • Eliminate unnecessary memberships and expenses. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many entertainment services are entertaining, but they are still a major expense and have practically no valid reason for being. Choose the service or platform that you like the most and cancel your subscription to the others. This will help you in the same way with your expenses.
  • Invest in your education. Invest in books and courses on business, the best universities in the world have free courses online.
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