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How to travel cheaply to Los Cabos?

Los Cabos is an expensive destination for the prices that are handled in the rest of tourist destinations, but if you can travel on a budget, I give you some tips below:

  1. Find the flight on a Tuesday night, it has better prices.
  2. Travel on Tuesday or Wednesday, flights on the weekend cost almost double.
  3. To stay you have three options, the Hotel Santa Fe, which is in the center of the city and is accessible to many of the attractions. The second is City Express, which has promotions for frequent travelers, and is still within the city. Or the third option is to stay at the Hyatt Place hotel in San José del Cabo. These options are around $ 1600 pesos per night.
  4. Transportation within the city is very expensive, since taxis have very high rates, but you can move by truck. To transfer from the Airport you can use the desert route.
  5. Eating, to eat there are many restaurants for all budgets, the cheapest options are: Eat at Costco, eat at the shopping centers, or, a restaurant that serves large portions, which means that you can share a meal with your partner and save a little. It’s called Campestre.
  6. If you live in the Mexican Republic, don’t forget to mention it, because they will improve prices and promotions for you to come back and be a frequent customer.

Visitanos pronto 😉

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