Los Cabos, red light again

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Just when we believed that the pandemic was about to end and the health measures began to relax, Los Cabos is again in trouble due to the Coronavirus.

If, on the one hand, we seek to maintain and cope with the health problem so as not to lose jobs, we cannot leave aside from the fact that this tourist destination is not being able to control this wave of infections, apparently the new strain of covid Delta arrived before our entity, the strain that was first identified in India, and is becoming more and more common in the municipality and has become very notorious for being stronger and more complicated than the one that had already invaded the country.

What is most striking is that it has become stronger and more difficult to treat, as people begin to show symptoms faster and Unfortunately, young people and children have died, something that was not common in the first and second waves, somehow there was already a protocol of action, a certain type of procedure was already known to treat suspects and patients.

It even seems that it is a local problem, because only in the state there is this rebound in infections, in no other state does this type of aggressive strain seem to arrive, some states have even resumed face-to-face classes, but in this state I have had to come to support us, army and national navy personnel, because the doctors cannot cope.

Even the clinics that had treated Covid and had reopened to the general public have been renovated to attend more patients, even in corridors and parking lots. put up tents and conditioned spaces.

Oxygen tanks have begun to be scarce in the region and their prices are increasing. It is strange that only Baja California Sur is experiencing such a strong and aggressive rebound, since the number of the population and the number of patients is Even higher than the national average, we could blame tourism, but the truth is that tourism has been normalizing since January, so it is not a question of borders.

What can be done to avoid slowing down the economy again, but it seems to be inevitable. The most surprising thing is that people are getting sick with a complete vaccination schedule.

Now more than ever we must take care of ourselves and resume the protocols of personal and family care to avoid fall ill.

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