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The undersecretary of health vs children with cancer

Lopez Gatell has earned the hatred of many people by stating that all the demonstrations by cancer children, who denounce a shortage of medicines, have false arguments and imply that they are financed by right-wing institutions to discredit this government.

The shortage of medicines in Mexico It is known that since December 1, 2018 medicines have stopped being supplied to people who really needed them, such as children and adults with cancer, people with HIV, and other populations with terminal, strange diseases, or rare, such as multiple sclerosis, or very specialized treatments such as hemodialysis, diabetes treatments, hypertension, among many others.

In other words, the most difficult and expensive medicines to obtain have been left to be supplied, because it is known that there are medicines that cannot be bought freely, that is not sold in any pharmacy, even with a prescription, they are medicines that are only sold to institutions such as the IMSS or hospitals directly due to their rarity and difficult handling, since they must be at a certain temperature and applied in certain circumstances, that is why the laboratories that develop them give them directly to the institutions so that they can manage and apply them.

That is why many of them are acquired and managed by the government, apart from their high price that makes them even more difficult to acquire. So, taking this into account, let us remember that we are still in a pandemic that is rebounding and a failed attempt to insabi, we have a health system catastrophe that does not protect citizens as it should.

This has been going on since 2018, there are people who literally died waiting for their treatment to be provided, and what was the response from the federal government?

His response was that they wanted to save money at all costs, taking as a pretext a supposed austerity that has no real planning and that borders on the absurd, since it is being carried out at the cost of human lives.

But the most irritating thing is the absolute false empathy of the government, especially the president who has the cynicism to accept it and make fun of it in his morning conference, showing that he does not have the slightest interest in solving the problem, seconded by a group of bureaucrats who have shown they understand neither the suffering of people nor the importance of a correct public administration.

The reason why the issue came up again was an interview in which the Undersecretary of the Interior Hugo Lopez Gatell affirms that the relatives of children with cancer are in collusion with international right-wing organizations that are determined to overshadow Morena’s government.

These statements provoked the ire of many people, as the lack of empathy and the null responsibility that the government takes regarding this matter is once again demonstrated.

Such was the controversy caused by these statements that today the president and the undersecretary came out to declare, in summary, that they were going to pay more attention to the issue, that it was the monopoly of the pharmaceutical companies and that it was partly the fault of the administrations past. What stood out the most was the fact that they said that there has always been a shortage of medicines.

Of course, this conference did not satisfy the affected people or the population in general, because they came out to say things that they had already declared and they do not speak of a definitive solution to the matter.

In the following days we will see what progress is being made in this regard, since the public has no intention of taking their finger off the line.

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